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Kuching Port Authority

Kuching Port Authority celebrated the "Hungry Ghosts" Festival 2019
Posted on : 25 Aug 2019

The chinese community at Kuching Port Authority (KPA) celebrated the "Hungry Ghosts" festival (Zhong Yung Jie / Yu Lan Hui / Chinese All Souls' Day) on 25 August 2019 at Pending and Senari Terminals.


During the Seventh Lunar Month, it is believed that the gate of hell is opened to allow spirits and ghosts to go back to the living world.  Those who have families visit their families and those without families roam the streets seeking food and entertainment.  Thus, every year on the Seventh Lunar Month, with the support and sponsorship from KPA management, staff and the port users, KPA Yu Lan Hui Committee organize the celebration at Pending and Senari Terminal where offerings are made to appease the spirits and ghosts.


An appreciation dinner was also held in the evening, which was attended by about 220 people, including the General Manager, Mr Robert Lau, KPA Yu Lan Hui organizing committee members, contractors, shipping and forwarding agents and other port users.  Mr. Robert Lau said: "We would like to thank all the sponsors and helpers who made the event possible".


Staffs and the port users participated in the celebration of "Hungry Ghosts" festivals at Pending & Senari Terminal   Appreciation remarks by General Manager to thank all the sponsors and helpers
Food offering   GM toasting with port users during the appreciation dinner