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Kuching Port Authority

Statutory FunctionStatutory Function


9.-(1)  Subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and to any directions issued by the Minister, it shall be the duty of a Port Authority -

          a)     “to maintain, or provide for  the maintenance of adequate and efficient port services and facilities for  all users of the port;

          b)      to co-ordinate the activities of the port;

          c)      to promote the improvement and development of the port;

          d)      to  regulate and  control  the  transportation  through, into or out of a port of any cargo or goods from any place or vessel to any other place or vessel by any means  or  modes, including the conveyance of petroleum or gas by pipelines, both onshore or offshore, on land or underground, in water or underwater; and

          e)      to execute such works as may  be  necessary  to  the performance of the duties specified in paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d)”.


Further under Section 9 (3), the port shall ensure that -

a)      “its annual revenues are, taking one financial year with another, sufficient to meet the payment of all charges....; and

b)    no person is given any undue preference or is subject to any undue disadvantage as compared with any other person.”